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E-slide gloves
  • E-slide gloves


    Finally they are here. The Cavity e-slide gloves give you the opportunity to ride your e-skateboard in a completely new way.  Made of high quality leather and with kevlar fingertips, these gloves withstand all the stresses and strains of sliding. You'll feel like you've unlocked a whole new set of skills. It may take a few days to fully master the gloves, but then there is nothing that can stop you. My tip when riding regular is to carry the remote puck in your left hand so you can grip the board with your right. Of course the gloves work best in combination with our CS series e-skateboards. If you are using a different e-skateboard we cannot assure the same sliding experience. Usable for remotes like the one displayed in the pictures.

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    • Shipping Policy

      Shipping within 3-5 business days

    • What´s in the box

      1x pair e-slide gloves

      1x set slide pucks

      1x remote holding puck