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Negative quality agreement

Our board can do a lot, but not everything. It is important for us to note what it cannot do or what can damage it. We have already described a lot about this in our user manual.

Please note that the remote control cannot be changed by an update/upgrade.

There is a possibility that different models have different designs and possibly also different display modes. However, this is not based on an update, but on the fact that new functionalities have been integrated in the board, which can be selected by the remote control. In this respect it would be a so-called upgrade. However, this cannot be offered by the manufacturer due to the product.

Our board may therefore not be operated/is not suitable for operation:

  In disregard of the rules in the user manual (enclosed with the product), including.

  Without having read the user manual carefully

  Without at least the ability of the operator to safely operate a non-motorized board

  Without practicing starting and braking several times each time you launch (including to make sure that the particular thrust does not catch you off guard and that the braking deceleration works)


  •    Without using the included remote control


  •    Using a cell phone app or other software


  •    With speed units other than km/h


  •    With more than one person


  •    With/by or in the vicinity of minors or protected persons


  •    In close proximity to other people, animals, vehicles, and objects.


  •    With a total load of more than 120 kg


  •    As a load transporter


  •    in direct connection (if necessary at the same time) with another board


  •    in environments where you would not also use a non-electric longboard


  •    in case of impaired visibility (also: fog)


  •    In case of impaired sense of balance or reaction abilities for whatever reason (e.g. also due to alcohol, medication, fatigue)


  •    Without full concentration on the environment (wearing headphones, looking at the cell phone, chatting)


  •    carrying objects hanging around or other objects on the body (open clothing, hair, bags) that could get caught in rotating parts (e.g. engine/wheels)


  •    in disregard of local regulations (e.g. STVO in road traffic)


  •    on wet, damp, slippery, uneven ground, over cracks, gravel, rocks, tracks


  •    to perform stunts/jumps or other actions that may lead to loss of traction


  •    in wet environments (e.g. car wash, water fountain). In particular, the battery must always be kept dry.


  •    During races


  •    If error messages are detected during start-up


  •    if not all screws and parts are tight


  •    with full battery downhill


  •    braking with non-manufacturer aids (e.g. foot, sole of foot, holding on to objects).


  •    In case of strong temperature differences


  •    If the board was or is exposed to very high heat or very low temperatures. (e.g. danger of burns).


  •    If the board itself is very hot (e.g. due to a long ride) or very cold. The board and its components must not be used or touched again until it has cooled down or warmed up to room temperature.


  •    Without suitable protective equipment

Our board may be impaired in its use,

which precludes the assertion of a defect if:


  •    The board or its components (battery) are not stored dry and in constant room temperature.


  •    It is operated downhill with a full battery.


  •    it is operated again after a longer standing time. In this case, discharging batteries or coating can lead to impaired use.


  •    you do not operate and/or slow down the product with the manufacturer's options.


  •    the battery has been charged for a longer period of time (overcharging).

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